We, ArtPro, more than 20 years successfully control the power of fire and water.

The company is established in 1998 and it is leader at the market in both of it's directions – fireplaces and swimming pools.

We are bringing coziness and warmth in your home with the magic of fire.

Our other passion that we have set our heart on is the calm nature of the water in the pool and the soul harmony in the spa and wellness centers.

We can offer both of those elements separately or in combination and you will be amazed by how fire and water can be combined by us.

We are offering fireplaces, stoves, designer fireplaces, gas fireplaces, barbecues and ovens, spa and various types of water equipment.

Our products are divided by classes, which cover not only the standard one, but also the luxurious and designer segment of the market.

Trust our experience and let us make your ideas into reality!



Behind each realized idea, stays one great team, lot of past experience, well-trained staff and high-quality products.

Our team from long-standing professionals – architects, engineers, consultants and installers we rely on our past experience and constantly we learn new things from the best world leaders in the branch. We collect and analyze all available information for each given task by our clients, in order to create unique product – fireplace, swimming pool or spa, considering to your requirements. We offer unique solutions, precise manual work and using natural materials, to bring life in each detail.

At the bottom of our success are the following principles:

  • Caution with each client

  • Detailed research work

  • Unique and practical solutions for each customer – from the idea to the final product

  • Completed projects with caution with every detail

  • Precise and fast work

  • Warranty and after warranty maintenance

Our customers are luxury hotel complexes, hotels, spa and wellness centers, restaurants and private persons. Not only in Bulgaria, but also In Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and Russia.

ArtPro is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria for numerous world leaders, each one with strong name in the market and proved quality of their products:

  • GRUPPO PIAZZETA – Italy – with more than 50 years traditions in the production of fireplaces; Fireplaces for effective heating with wood and pellet; Stoves with ceramic surrounds; Designer fireplaces; Systems for heating with hot air or with water jacket and radiators.

  • FOCUS – France – With more than 50 years of experience in the production of unique fireplaces; Producer of the highest-class luxurious designer fireplaces. AKRIANE – France - Producer of luxurious designer fireplaces

  • KALFIRE – the Netherlands – Producer of luxurious fireplaces working with wood or gas

  • BELLFIRES – the Netherlands – Producer of broad variation of gas fireplaces with more than 40 year of experience.

  • BARBAS – the Netherlands – Producer of fireplaces, free-standing wood burning fireplaces and stoves with more than 40 year of experience.

  • ELEMENT 4 – the Netherlands – Producer of various extralarge gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces.

  • BOLEY – the Netherlands – Producer of designer fireplaces made by custom sizes; wood and gas fireplaces;fireplaces and free-standing firesfor outdoor using.



Unique Italian swimming pools by BIODESIGN.

Bio-pools with biological filtration.

Ceramic and fiberglass swimming pools by SKYMIRROR POOL.

Heat pumps for pool heating from the highest class, covers and equipment for pools by PROCOPI – France

Systems for remote control, filtration, automatization and water treatment by PENTAIR – USA

Spas and swim spas MAAX SPAS and MASTER SPAS – USA



We design and build unique saunas and steam baths by individual project using equipment by: EOS - Germany, HELO and HARVIA -Finland.

We offer complete design and building by individual project of spa and wellness centres, SPA solutions with natural materials like marble, granite and wood, processedusing our details and made in the company’s industrial unit:

- Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, aroma saunas.

- Steam baths

- Swimming pools

- Swim spas

- Spas

- Adventure showers

- Snow attractions


Innovations offered by ArtPro:

Because of the various customers’ demands, ArtPro offers rich range of classic, interior and designer fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces – classified as revolution fireplaces, the gas fireplaces have everything that a traditional fireplace can offer, with additional remote control, control using systems for home automatization, safety equipment.

Designer fireplaces – If your traditional fireplace or stove does not look like a suitable solution for your home, in that case we can offer you extremely broad catalogue for designer fireplaces, whose design can satisfy even the most capricious tastes.

Barbecues – In the height of the summer, there is nothing more pleasurable than the sweet smell of a barbecue. Important element form the family garden or terrace, a barbecue can bring not only coziness and convenience in your home, but also functionality and quality with food-preparation.

Pellet boilers for local heating from 15 to 2000 kW.


The fireboxes for fireplaces can be divided by groups based by the following signs/characteristics:

  • Fuel: wood, palettes, combined

  • Opening of the door: vertically or horizontally

  • Glazing: single-faced, corner, double-faced (tunnel), 3-sided, 4-sided glass

  • Heating system: water; air; natural convection

  • Type: for building in an existing fireplace or for new fireplace

  • Sizes

Bringing coziness and warmth, the fire becomes inseparable part and trade mark of your home.


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