Electric fireplaces KALFIRE

The Kalfire E-one is the exciting new game-changer in the world of electric fireplaces. It is the most technologically advanced electric fire available. Having been developed with innovational engineering that will awaken and inspire all of your senses, it simulates the look, feel and sound of a real live fire. This exceptional fire, with its unrivalled flame experience, will be the focal point which brings people together whilst creating the perfect ambience for relaxation and enjoyment in every home and interior.


The choice fort his electric fireplace is a safe choice. There is no smoke, no need for a flue or gas connection. The E-one has a heat output of 2kW (optional).


Flame Tones: The Kalfire E-one allows you to create your own ‘flame picture’. Choose between 3 different flame tones and adjust the shape of the flames to suit your needs and the mood you want to create.


Adjustable Flame Height: The flame height in the E-one is adjustable from positions 1 to 5. Position 6 is the ‘shuffle’ position. In the ‘shuffle’ position, the flames modulate between a high, medium and low position simulating anatural burning flame experience.


Hybride LED E: Kalfire have based the Hybrid LED E amber bed on the same principles as their prestige gas fires. The intensity is programmable with 1 being the least and 5 being the most intense. And again

as with the Atmos Lighting, the ‘shuffle’ position at 6 creates a gradual pulsating effect.


Kalfire spark Sound: When watching the flames in a fire, nothing is more relaxing than seeing fiery sparks soaring upwards and hearing the crackling sound of burning wood. The E-one replicates this by once again adapting the technology from their Prestige Gas Fires to include sparks, but as a non- programmable standard feature, as well as by including the choice of two sounds, crackling Pinewood or the quieter Beechwood, allowing you to switch between the two, and at a varying volume of between 1 to 5.

Electric fireplaces KALFIRE

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Electric buid in fireplace KALFIRE

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